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About Us

Brief History: The Journey So Far...

The Nigerian Youth Cooperative Network (NYCN-COOP) is the national apex body representing the Youth Co-operative Movement in Nigeria (both in and out of school youths).

What is today known as the Nigerian Youth Cooperative Network (NYCN-COOP) is an idea that came to be due to the felt need that students and youths in cooperative are being neglected –No Leadership Succession Plan by our leaders; No specific awareness about cooperative among young people; No awareness about cooperative as a course of study in our Colleges/Polytechnics/Universities that offer the courses anymore unlike the early days in the 1950’s through the 1980’s. More so, no any professional body that have been passed into law backed with an Act promulgated in Nigeria and this had led to the certificate not being recognized the way it should be - like other professional courses such as banking & finance, accounting, business administration e.t.c. in the country.

Year in year out students that were trained had nowhere to work with certificates obtained. The school systems had changed Student Farms, Students’ Consumer shop e.t.c. were all taken over by the school management therefore, no more practical cooperative entrepreneurial knowledge for students. Also student’s welfare is no more paramount to the college management; all these and much more social welfare were not met again then. And to fill in the gap, thus the Nigerian Youth in Cooperatives Movement was born to address the needs and issues at hand back then

This Youth in Cooperative Movement started way back in 2000 at the Federal Cooperative College Ibadan, Nigeria – (The Premier Cooperative College in West Africa established in 1943) as an idea originated by VICTOR OLUSEGUN OYEGOKE a student union activist while at the college. Being an active student activist, he started by trying to sensitize and motivate his fellow colleagues on the need for such movement where we could agitate for our felt needs as students that were not met by the Federal Government – our college being a department under the Federal Government Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development then.

After several efforts had been put into sensitizing and motivating students within our local college though not an easy task, just like magic many of our demands then were met by the local management of the college – Student Farms, Student Consumer shop, Student Barbing Center, Phone Call Business Center, Food Canteen e.t.c. come alive on campus and other demands that goes beyond the capacity of the college management were not met because if that is to be met it means that other cooperative colleges under the Federal Department of Cooperatives would be involve, this was to be another challenge for VICTOR the proponent and leader of the movement because the other cooperative colleges were spread to the North and East of Nigeria, ours was in the West.


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